Tuesday 29th of January at 12:15 Birgitta Nordström gives the lecture "Textiles for the living and the dead – Wrapping cloth”. In lecture room A at Þverholt 11.

The topic for the lecture is an artistic research project related to death, rites and textiles. At a loom in HDK, University of Gothenburg, we are weaving very small blankets. Through them – in the form a cross disciplinary study at hospitals – we investigate the need of a wrapping cloth for stillborn babies, misscarriages and in some cases after late abortions. It is about dressing the dead body.

Birgitta Nordström is a textile artist and senior lecturer in textile art at Academy of Craft and Design, University of Gothenburg. Her art practise is focusing on weaving and ritual textiles. Since 1995 she has been exhibiting nationally and international in solo exhibitions (Sweden) and group exhibitions (Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, United States, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Australia).

Her commissions for public and sacred spaces consist of stage curtains (2002) funeral palls (2000-2018) and sacred robes (2011-2017).

In 2016 her Licentiate Thesis I ritens rum – (In a Room of rites - Cloth meeting human) was published. Web link: http://hdl.handle.net/2077/41662


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