Solo Exhibitions Series 2022

From September 29th to November 24th a series of 24 solo shows by 3rd year students in Fine Art will be taking place in Laugarnes.
Each thursday a solo exhibition will be opened at three different locations in Laugarnes: The Cube on 2nd floor, Navel in the middle of the building on first floor and Hulduland on the north side of the building on first floor.
Openings are from 17:00 - 18:00 on Thursdays.

The first openings will take place in Laugarnes, Thursday September 29th //

Herdís Hlíf Þorvaldsdóttir  

Iðunn Gígja Kristjánsdóttir 

"But the child belongs only to itself and the stars"
Ragnheiður Íris Ólafsdóttir