Elsa María Guðlaugs Drífudóttir
BA Fine Art 2017
elsamaria [at] gmail.com


Sharing is an essential part of living. Throughout time, the coexistence of humans and animals has been a cornerstone of our existence.

This symbiosis—a perpetual game of give and take—forms the basis of an ongoing conversation that dictates our prospects of sustainable living. Both humans and animals pursue coexistence, albeit unintentionally. The bonds formed by the relationship between humans and animals help us to stay connected, to earth and our roots. However, these bonds are now somewhat jeopardized.

Through the use of clay and text, I analyze the friction inherent to coexistence. Through these materials, symbiosis turns into form and is eventually reimagined. Essentially, my aim is to define the importance of interspecies relationships. Intimacy is materialized as physical material becomes a substitute for the species discussed and eventually casts light on the nature of symbiosis.