At the heart of Hveragerði lies a beautiful hidden garden along by the river Varmá by Reykjafoss falls: the Park. Two buildings carefully placed on either side of the river activates the Park, the river and their interaction in the town as a whole. The artists’ residences are placed in a building located in a clearing on the slope above the waterfall. The other building is partially embedded in the ground comprising studios for artists and schoolchildren, workshops, a café and a gallery. The turf roof of the building provides a new area for outdoor activity in the Park, and a new path alongside the building brings visitors closer to the river. At the end of the path is the foundation of an old woollen mill, which marks the beginning of development at Hveragerði; from the old mill site, the Reykjafoss falls form a fine vista. 


Location: By the Varmá river and the Park