From a drama perspective, what was the influence of the army on Icelandic community?


The project looks at the lives of Icelandic people after the army stayed in Iceland. The influence og the British and American army very big.
After the army left Iceland there were not many houses to live in so the Icelandic people moved into their housing. There was a lot of poverty in these communities and the people who lived in ,,normal housing‘‘ looked down on them.

My grandmother lived in one of these communities and the project is mainly built on her stories from the time.

I then went on and teached at Borgarholtsskóli, second step. The studends got the oppurtunity to get to know the situation of the army staying in Iceland but also learn new drama theory.
The one we used was mainly verbatim theatre, also we used Augusto Boals exercises and theories. It was easy to put these to theories together and work with them. The students enjoyed the time and learning about old times in icelandic community. At the end of the lessons they made up a scene that was only used from the interview that I took with grandmother.
Studends were happy about the experience and that was the main goal, they also said that they would deffinately use this kind of method in their work going forward.
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