Ég gæti alveg eins bara notið þess
Regn Sólmundur Evudóttir

Then I started to think about the stars. I am just dust in the desert, but at the same time, I more neurons in my brain than there are stars in the milky way. Isn’t that amazing?!
We are only now. We can remember passing moments and anticipate the future, but we will always just be now. Everything is happening simultaneously (I think). No linear narrative… and I could just as well enjoy it.

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Regn Sólmundur Evudóttir

Regn Sólmundur is a 24 year old artist in their final year of BA in fine arts in IUA. They have exhibited work in 18 collaborative exhibitions and the exhibition Ég gæti alveg eins bara notið þess (I could just as well enjoy it) will be their 2nd solo exhibition. They enjoy navel gazing and youtube videos.