ArtLex Art Dictionary 
A dictionary for the artist, collector, student and teacher.
Access:  Open

Cambridge Dictionaries Online 
English / American English / Grammar / French - English online dictionary. 
Access: Open

Computer dictionary. 
Access:  Open 

Getty vocabularies
Contains structured terminology for art, architecture, decorative arts, archival materials, visual surrogates, conservation, and biblographic materials.
Access: Open 

Icelandic - Danish, Icelandic - Norwegian and Icelandic - Swedish dictionary.
Access: Open 

LEO - German dictionaries 
German - English, English - German, German - French, French - German, German - Spanish, Spanish - German online dictionary.  
Access: Open 

Web portal providing information from various databases on Icelandic language and language use opertated or accessed by the Árni Magússon Institute for Icelandic Studies.
Access:  Open

Merriam-Webster OnLine 
English online dictionary. 
Access:  Iceland Consortium - full access from any computer in Iceland. 

Reverso Dictionary 
Portal of linguistic tools such as translations, dictionary and spell-checker.
Access:  Open 

Shakespeare Dictionaries 
Dictionaries relating to the works of William Shakespeare.  
Access:  Open 
A collection of  online dictionaries, including Icelandic, Icelandic - English and English - Icelandic.  
Access: IUA subscription 
A dictionary of symbols. 
Access: Open

Terminology Bank 
A termonology dictionary with explanations and Icelandic translations of terms.
Access: Open 
A collection of online dictionaries in over 200 languages.
Access: Open