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Afterall - A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry Afterall - A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry (2007-2015)
  American ceramics (1995-2002)
  Another Magazine - For Men and Women (subscription)
  Architectural Design (1977-2008)
  Arkitekten (subscription)
  Arkitektur (1976-2015)
  Árbók hins Íslenzka fornleifafélags (subscription)
  B&W (subscription)
  Communication Arts (subscription)
  Contact sheet (subscription)
  Dazed & confused (2005-2012)
  Design (London, England) 1961-63, 1975-78)
  Design DK (1991-2002)
  Design DK (Copenhagen, Denmark) (1988-1990)
Domus - Please contact bokasafn [at] for full access Domus (subscription)
  Detail (1980-84, 2006-09, 2015-17)
  Fiberarts (1980-2001)
  Form (subscription)
  Form function Finland (1983-2005)
  Frame (subscription)
  Gap PRESS : Prêt-à-Porter (subscription)
  HALI (1993-1994)
  HA: tímarit um hönnun og arkitektúr (2015-2019)
  Hemslöjden (1978-1981)
  Hugur og hönd: Rit heimilisiðnaðarfélags Íslands (subscription)
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Icon (subscription - only online version from spring 2020)
  i-D (subscription)
  Idea (subscription)
  Idpure (2007-2016)
Journal of Writing in Creative Practice  Journal of Writing in Creative Practice  (subscription)
  Katalog: journal of photography & video (subscription)
  Kotiteollisuus (1979)
  Kunst und Handwerk (1865)
  Letter arts review (subscription)
  L'Officiel 1000 modèle (2012-2017)
  Lürzer's Archiv (2008-2014)
  Mæna (2010-2019)
  Neo-blek (2005-2015)
  Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris (1992-2002)
  Printmaking today (subscription)
  Purple Fashion (2005-2019)
  Ritið (2001-2018)
  *Surface (2004-2008)
  Svenska slöjdföreningens tidskrift (2005-2010)
  Vogue Italia (subscription)
  Wallpaper (2005)
  Werk, bauen, wohnen (subscription)


Online journals in national access or in open access
Printed journals in the IUA library
Advances in art & urban futures  
American Craft  
American Salon  
Antiques & Collecting Magazine  
APT Bulletin  
AR. Arhitektura, raziskave   
Architectural Digest  
Architectural heritage  
Architectural History  
Architectural Lighting  
Architectural Record Architectural Record (1983)
Architectural Review Architectural Review (subscription)
Architecture Australia  
arq. Architectural research quarterly  
Art & antiques   
Best-selling home plans from William E. Poole  
Blueprint  Blueprint (2005-2019)
Building and environment   
Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology   
Canadian Home & Country   
Canadian Interiors   
Ceramics Art and Perception   
Ceramics monthly   
CFR : Carpet, Flooring, Retail   
Classic American Homes   
Collector's mart   
Colonial Homes   
Computer artist   
Computers and the history of art   
Conservar Patrimonio   
Country living dream homes   
Craft arts international   
Creative Review Creative Review (subscription)
Critical Inquiry  
Cultural values  
Decorative Artist's Workbook  
Design Issues  
Design Quarterly  
Design studies  
Designer showcase  
Earnshaw's Infants - Girls - Boys Wear Review  
Easy Does It  
Embroidery Monogram Business  
Entertainment Design   
Eye : The International Review of Graphic Design Eye : The International Review of Graphic Design (2005-2020)
The Family Handyman  
Fashion theory  
Figurines & collectibles  
Finishing today  
Flower & Garden  
Gifts & Decorative Accessories  
Gifts & Tablewares  
Glass on Metal  
GQ: Gentlemens Quarterly  
Grey Room  
Harper's Bazaar  
Home cultures  
Home Furnishings  
HomePlanners outdoor living  
Housing, theory and society  
How How (2005-2018)
I D I D (2003-2009)
Imaging Update  
Imago Mundi  
Industrial Paint & Powder  
Interior Design  
International archives of photogrammetry and remote sensing  
International Construction  
Journal of Architectural Education (1984-)  
Journal of Art & Design Education  
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts  
Journal of design history  
Journal of Glass Studies  
Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians  
Kunst og kultur  
Landscape management  
The Magazine Antiques  
Marburger Jahrbuch für Kunstwissenschaft  
New Orleans homes & lifestyles  
Old-house interiors  
Painting & Wallcovering Contractor  
Plumbing & Mechanical  
Popular Photography  
Pottery making illustrated  
Premier homes  
Print: America's Graphic Design Magazine Print: America's Graphic Design Magazine (2005-2017)
The Rangefinder  
Regional Studies  
Step Inside Design  
Stone World  
Studies in Conservation  
Studio potter  
Technoetic arts  
Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture  
Third Text  
Visual Anthropology  
Visual studies  
Winterthur Portfolio  
Wood digest's finishing  
The woodworker's journal  
The Workbasket and home arts magazine  

Open Access Journals:

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)


A cross-disciplinary database. Contains a lot of material on music.
Access: IUA subscription.
Proquest Central - The Arts:
  • ABM (Arts Bibliographies Modern) (ProQuest)
    Abstracts on visual arts, design and photography.
    Access: Iceland Consortium - access from any computer in Iceland.
  • Arts & Humanities Database (ProQuest)
    Subjects: Art, Architecture, Design, Music, Literature, Theatre and Cultural Studies.
    Access: Iceland Consortium - access from any computer in Iceland.

Sage Journals Online
Full-text access to around 460 journals in all fields of study. 
Access: Iceland Consortium - full access from any computer in Iceland.

Dictionaries; icelandic, english, danish, polish, german, spanish, french, italian.
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