The process of writing my MA thesis called forth echoes of the last time I wrote a master’s thesis: we used laboratory rats, implanting electrodes in rat brains and recording signals for a month, until scar tissue formed around the electrodes. Then we killed them, bled them out so the brain tissue would not be clotted with blood, decapitated them and sliced up the brains.
It was for knowledge.It was for discovery. It was (maybe?) for helping humanity. They were all named Fred.

Glacial Erosion

I feel the power of Sólheimajökull when the glacial water flows, hear the drops fall and feel the ice crack beneath me. The glacier is alive – it renews itself constantly. The glacier creates ice while another part of it melts. This cicle changes the glacier over time, molds the landscape underneath it, transports materials, grinds and tears the rock it rests on. This movement is called glacial erosion and you can see signs of it all around icefalls like Sólheimajökull.