Sneiðmynd // Massimo Santanicchia

Í fyrirlestraröðinni Sneiðmynd kynna kennarar hönnunardeildar og arkitektúrdeildar eigin rannsóknir. Næsti fyrirlestur er með Massimo Santanicchia deildarforseta í arkitektúr.

Fyrirlestrarnir eru öllum opnir og er fagfólk, nemendur og áhugafólk um hönnun og arkitektúr hvatt til að mæta.

Hér má sjá nánari upplýsingar um fyrirlesara og fyrirlesturinn.

The Right to The City by Massimo Santanicchia

Massimo explains in this open lecture his work conducted in 2011 for the International Peace and Cooperation Centre IPCC.

IPCC is an independent Palestinian, non-profit organization which was established in Jerusalem in 1998. IPCC supports the development of a highly informed, competent and active Palestinian civil society that is capable of realizing its social, economic and political rights, through an integrative approach of research, urbanism, community engagement and capacity building.

Aflýst - Gestagangur - Uta Reichardt

Ný dagsetning verður auglýst síðar.

Uta Reichardt is a transdisciplinary researcher, facilitator and teacher with a background in geography, risk analysis and visual arts. She will present her open lecture named DisasterArtist on Wedesday April 19th at 12:15 in lecture hall A, Þverholt 11.

In this lecture Uta would like to introduce her work around synergies that emerge from the dialogue between arts and science, with an emphasis on disaster risk research and sustainability science.