Food tools for fools - A Robotic Exhibition

We welcome you on Wednesday, September 20th, at 4pm in Pallurinn where an exhibition of food and robotics projects from the 2nd year course Ideas and Technology will be open to the public. 

Including a lollipop-throwing roomba, robotic insects which help to make salad, prosthetics to help carrots run away when scared, an uncomfortable noodle-eating experience, and a large 3D printed gun to shoot popcorn into your mouth.


Cohousing Communities: Designing for High-Functioning Neighborhoods

Charles is an architect, author, and advocate of affordable, socially responsible and sustainable design. He has made major contributions to community-based architecture and cohousing. Charles has designed over 50 cohousing communities in North America and has consulted on many more around the world. He also designed an equal number of affordable housing projects.