Steingrímur Þórhallsson: Graduate Concert

A concert on Sunday, May 13th at 5pm where a new composition, Hulda by Steingrímur Þórhallsson will be premiered along with Beethoven's Violin Concerto. Steingrímur's piece is based on poems by the Icelandic poet Hulda, composed for a solo soprano, children's choir, mixed choir and a symphony orchestra. The concert will be held at Neskirkja, Hagatorg, 107 Reykjavik.

Stefán Ólafur Ólafsson: Graduate concert

Saga is an opera in one act for two performers, electronic and a libretto generated with Markov-chains.
“Saga” can mean a number of things. 
However, the computers don’t give use any context.

What do the computers have to say to us and how should me understand their message?

The performers are:
Gylfi Guðjohnsen – the one who speaks first
Friðrik Margrétar-Guðmundsson – an angel

Saga is Stefán Ólafur Ólafsson‘s graduation composition from his studies at the music department of
the Iceland University of the Arts.

Birgit Djupedal: Graduate Concert

A graduate concert of Birgit Djupedal, MA-student of composition at the music department of IUA (Iceland University of the Arts). The programme consists of older compositions  composed by Birgit through her studies at the department where her main teacher has been Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson as well as a premiere of a new chamber opera, "The Corn", with lyrics by Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir. 

The concert takes place at 'Óháði söfnuðurinn' - Háteigskirkja 56 on Wednesday, May 16th at 8pm. Free entrance, everybody welcome. 


Hafsteinn Þráinsson: Graduate concert

Hafsteinn Þráinsson, BA in composition, gives his final concert from the music department of IUA on Tuesday, May 8th at 8pm at Salurinn - Kópavogur. 

Hafsteinn began studying the guitar at an early age, graduating with a diploma in 2015. He has a varied background, having been active within different genres of music. In 2012 he started the Icelandic electro rock/indietronica project Ceasetone, that has taken him around the world on concert tours.

Open seminar with composer Guðmundur Steinn

An open seminar (in Icelandic) with composer Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson at the Music department of IUA (Iceland University of the Arts) on Friday, April 13th at 12:45. Everybody welcome to attend - free entrance. 

Further info:

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson is an Icelandic composer writing music based on irregular or non-pulse oriented rhythms. It inhabits a world where grids or straight lines are almost non-existent. This often requires presenting the music as moving graphics on computer screens. That way the most irregular things can become very intelligible.

”No education has been as precious for me as the education I got at the Iceland University of the Aets. The teachers are world-class and make every effort to bring their knowledge and wisdom towards students. What I appreciated the most was the attitude of the faculty - taking students as they are and supporting them in finding their own ways to develop, prosper and discover their individual voice."

Bára Gíslasdóttir, composer