When something held dear is lost, closure comes from the creation of new narratives. Loss is a transition, a transformation, a leap of faith into the unknown. They are perceptual shifts that are crucial to the experience of being human.
To drag the sun 
The need for sorrow
The loss of dread
Why do you support rituals?
How is it not theatre?
Gold and charcoal is fine art
Axis of life and death
It is about living in the end
Hostile acts that bring life
Tragic and glory
The need of both sides to make the coin
Bring the need for sorrow and happiness to today
Transition to unknown
How to make joy more joyful, and sorrow more sorrowful?  
How to feel more? 
How much life is there in life, and how much death? 
The occurrence of tragedy is instrumental for a catharsis. 
This is a process of dealing with reality and the unknown.
Gold leaf, wood, blood, rug