Davíð Ingi Bustion
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No cars are allowed on Flatey. The only way for travelers to get around is by foot through walking paths that connect the three most visited places on the island: the old-town, the monastery stone and the church. One of these paths leads the traveller to the buildings, which are constructed out of natural stone. The complex encompasses a reception, a store, restaurant, toilets, a dining hall, accommodations and a camping site. When stepping of the boat, the traveller embarks on the journey on Flatey. He walks about the island and reaches its highest point where the Church is. There he perceives the tip of buildings and an inviting path, which is softly dug into the ground. The traveller follows it and walks towards the buildings comfortably surrounded by low stone walls.

This feeling of comfort continues and magnifies until the traveller reaches his destination: the earthly shelter of Flatey.