Daníel Perez Eðvarðsson 
danielperez [at] internet.is 

Shadow [Skuggi]. Radish [Radísa]. The garden. 

Fascinating idea to show EVERYTHING I shoot where everything is equally important. The old films in their entirety. Everything I capture on the film in the camera here and now. 

Shadow [Skuggi] to start with, then Radish [Radísa]. From there the bush with a flash. Hopefully the exposure turns out well. The focus is right. Nothing more to be seen. Time to move on. 

Selecting is a challenge. Do I shoot for beauty or for ugliness? 

It is like asking if life is beautiful or ugly. 





Cat Theory, 2015 
A whole roll of film of Radísa up in a tree, 37 colour photos in a frame, 40,5 x 28,5 cm 

Leica photographed with a Hasselblad, 2016 
Still from a movie