Each and Everyone 

Oil on canvas, MDF boards, iron rods

Ever since I was 9 years old I have been told that in order to be beautiful and perfect I need to have my teeth changed. I have gone through a rigorous orthodontic process over a period of many years that began when I was too young to have much to say about it. 

In this work I am dissolving the perfect smile. 

I take 6 different gums and make them one, the perfect picture. 

Take the personality out and make a work of art. Perfection is afloat. 

All the same, with one colour, which is not the coveted color of teeth. 

I am stepping into the footsteps of the one who shapes the look of the mouth. I use the freedom of art, to raise questions about perfection. 

I am the dentist, I decide what's right or wrong, puzzle together different people. 

I take control and do something new. 

Take power back to myself. 

I dissolve the perfect smile.