How the creative process stimulates growth

In this study, I focus on the creative process and the integration of subjects with the aim of creating art materials with the above in mind. The study introduces creative study paths where students have the opportunity to take an active part in the preparation and shaping of subjects at any given time, and examples will be given as well as pictures that describe projects. My goal is to explore the creative process and how creative learning and the integration of subjects can stimulate students' interest in the environment and contribute to increased self-understanding and growth. I also ask questions about the role of teachers in the process.
The creative process requires that you to make a conscious decision that you want to teach and learn using art methods. It requires you to be alert and receptive to good ideas and methods because they could be on your way anywhere and anytime. I believe that the act itself, the process of creating, helps us to core ourselves and show the world who we are. Whether it's written text, a picture you paint, a hat you knit or a toy you make, you learn something about yourself and how you can use your creativity and talent to communicate and inspire others. The creative process is rewarding in itself, but it can also be a painful and delicate process. Growing through the creative process is a challenge!
The study projects that accompany the dissertation aim to be empowering and encourage students to participate in creative study paths.
The art materials is on the website: eða
Brynhildur Kristinsdóttir
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Supervisor: Ingimar Ólafsson Waage