Borghildur Tumadóttir
borghildur [at]

The process begins when an object in the environment catches my attention. The form of the object is embedded into the mind. Through continuous drawing it gains a new context, mental as well as spatial. The drawing is transcribed into three dimensional material, causing an object to reappear. It assumes the function of a kind of dimension, not merely a drawing or a sculpture. It is spherical, cubical, hollow and transparent. The cubical part is visible through the spherical. Its original purpose disappears. More objects are added, each of them transformed, new and individual. The objects refer to the drawings, they consist of physical lines. The sculpture is a three dimensional drawing. The proportions are determined by the inherent measurements of body and mind.

Movement, time, size, area and, volume are concepts that we understand to some extent. We tend to see things simply from the point of view that is handed down to us, and assume it is the truth. Much like in Plato’s cave where we only see the shadows of things and create our view of the world from that perception.

The installation depends partly on the light in the space, and where they achieve maximum expansion through the shadows they cast. They constitute a whole, a combination of various perspectives and perceptions. Space generates objects and objects create space.