Sustainability in fashion design with a focus on digital handkraft and design

This final project’s aim is to research and communicate the opportunities afforded by new digital methods in fashion design and production.
The project seeks new alternatives that support positive environmental approaches, and which can be adopted by designers and students to produce more sustainable working processes at a time when there is increased demand for transparency and sustainability in the fashion and textile industry. This final project uses the methods of action research and is divided into two parts: a scholarly analysis, included in this dissertation, and an artistic implementation, in the form of a new fashion line.
Through the action research, I explore my working methods with the aim of discovering how I can utilize digital technology and 3D software in the fashion/clothing design process by focusing on the various aspects of sustainable development. My experiments with the 3D software CLO form the basis of this study.
The study´s aim is to investigate how 3D technology can be used for innovative purposes by designers in their work, as well as design students in their projects, and by teachers in clothing design and technology. The program´s diverse usage is examined in the context of all aspects of the process, both the technical and the creative. The results of the study are presented in the form of my first clothing line created in a virtual world where I utilize most of the tools that the CLO 3D design software has to offer.
Björg Ingadóttir
bjargar0802 [at]
Advisors: Dr. Ásthildur B. Jónsdóttir og dr. Ellen Gunnarsdóttir