Sound impacts our lives every day, from the sound of the alarm clock to the sound of our breathing when we go to sleep, in addition to all the sounds we hear over the course of the day. Sound is a big part of our daily life. It comes in many forms and can impact our emotions and mood. Sound waves fly all around us but are unseen to the naked eye. Usually the ears are the receivers for sound, though some frequencies we can feel in our bodies. If we imagine a sound sculpture in the air, it can be as beautiful as the sound itself. A beautiful piece of music can make a beautiful sculpture, wherein the sound waves travel symmetrically,  impacting one another and forming new shapes with each new note. The surroundings of a three-dimensional sculpture can influence the sculpture, just as acoustics can influence sound. As the sound that travels around and echoes in the space rises in volume and then falls into silence, we can imagine sculptures that rise and fall in relations to the sound.