This winter is long. There is a final exhibition in May but until then it’s still gonna be winter. In the weather forecasts there are just pictures of a sun with a cloud. Or just a cloud. Maybe a cloud with a snowflake. In May though they predict a sun with no cloud. That’s pretty lame. Nobody wants to see a landscape painting that doesn’t even include one cloud. 
The act of seeing always entails a specific viewpoint that the seeing individual experiences. A grey cloud with a snowflake can be, like in the weather forecast, something grey and impossible and fuck I will never leave my house again, there are grey clouds all through next week. Our perception is influenced by each person’s individuality. As Europe is enriched with the perceived reality of a beautiful blooming spring, glittering waters and warm summer shadows, then we, as well, should have representations of our perception of reality. With apartment blocks, a grey cloud and a snowflake and people hiding inside their houses because it’s no fun spending more time outdoors than necessary. Reality and perception of reality are different constructs, and the perception can be more real than reality itself because perception is our experience of reality. The strict replica of reality conceals the environment with its truth and swallows it, but the visual metonymy of reality brings forward the experience that we perceive in the environment. 
A cold and grey winter is what we have but at least we have enough clouds to hold on to. Or at any rate until these four days in May arrive.