Singing in the School


The main focus of this assignment is children’s singing and it’s role in their community, whether within the school system or not. The core of this assignment consists of five new vocal songs for children composed by myself.
I have utilized the songs in my music teaching and at various other occasions and hope that they can be of use in the community of children, the school system or within the society of children’s choirs.
Through out my academic years and music career, my conviction that singing is important and enriching continues to grow and it is my firm belief that every child should have the opportunity to sing.
The speaking voice is of course our main form of communication and singing is a major form of that expression.
It has played a major part in cultural preservation, storytelling and bringing communities together. It can therefore play a crucial part in education in the teaching of, for example, cultural heritage, language, teamwork and expression.
In addition to the vocal songs, my project consists of a multilateral review of the nature, history and effect of group singing as well as it’s educational value.
In addition I observed the status of singing and choir singing among active music teachers. According to discussions, correspondence and a web survey which I submitted to teachers, children’s choir singing appears to be dwindling despite apparent growth in adult choir activity.
My conclusion in this assignment is that we must cherish the singing of children and that the importance and preservation of singing within schools and children’s communities should not be taken for granted. The survey amongst active music teachers confirms the decline in music teaching, singing and children’s choir activity which is of great concern to me. My result is however not a judgement of the great work that is currently being done. With this in mind, I believe parents, school administrators, educational institutions, teachers and all those who participate in the upbringing of children should put a greater emphasis on singing in their childrens lives as well as influencing composers and songwriters to write vocal songs for children. My hope for the future is that singing and the appreciation of its educational value will increase within the school system and that it will receive a solid space in the curriculum of todays educational facilities.


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Advisors: Kristín Valsdóttir