Auður Anna Kristjánsdóttir
auduranna12 [at] 

I apprehend subject matter. It's a question of whether to be rational or not; to be political or neutral. To me, these ideals are not fixed, but determined with each piece I create. Ideas come to me by association, a process that is difficult to describe in depth. It is something I tend to cultivate within me with some point of reference. Just as tea and honey go well together within the kitchen cupboard, so does honey go well with flour. Subject matter can make references to various things and form connections which I work with in a specific manner.  
I allow ideas and the creative process to lead me onward to new areas. I allow my creativity to flow, rather than force myself to find a means to an end. If I don't, then there is a risk I will hinder myself and end up with a foul reservoir of well-considered, but lifeless ideas.