Ásgerður Arnardóttir

Experiments, flow and active listening to  intuition play a key role in my creative process. I never go ahead with a predefined idea of outcome and I focus on keeping my mind open  for all the changes and unexpected things that could happen in the process. I gain experience from the unexpected and make use of those experiences in the creation of my future works.

Fragments from my surroundings that have caught my attention are usually sparks for new works. These fragments are almost always abstract but to some extent become  representational throughout the work process. The representational and the abstract are concepts I focus on and I consciously dance on the line between them. I make different implementations in different media like photography, painting, drawing, computing and relief to present different perspectives on the same fragment/object. I work with repetitions to get closer to the core; I fully analyze to get some conclusion. More often I discover a new perspective, which I didn't know existed.

I get the feeling of infinity through these investigative repetitions, because it seems like I could continue to interpret and perceive in endless ways; the points of view are countless. And it's this infinity that keeps me going.

The work I’m presenting in this exhibition reflects my creative methods, where a play with perspectives and repetitions play a big role. The work consists of a painting on canvas, a painting that consists of several photographs of my older art works. After I finished painting on the canvas, I crumbled it and photographed it. I then edited the photographs in a computer program for printing and that is the work I’m presenting now. By reflecting the work back and forth in different angles, I wanted to capture a sense of an unknown dimension, to get the viewer to perceive and experience a painting differently than a painting is normally perceived, going through different worlds of dimensions and perspectives.