Ásbjörn Erlingsson

Art has long been used to analyze and criticize societies, and the comic and caricature are in an especially strong position to do so. The humour of these mediums is a vital tool to point out the absurdity of society’s status quo  and values. The discovery that the caricature belongs in the art world just as much as the rest of the ,high’ art has been important for me, and I feel that since I came to peace with the caricature, the potential of my art has greatly grown.

This video game is not a game you win. The goal is to hang on and try not to make a fool of yourself. You do not know enough about these matters to disagree with these people but you are pretty sure you do. By combining caricature, text and video game I create a world where the player is stuck in a situation where he is forced to have a mostly one sided conversation with characters he doesn’t quite understand.

In caricature faces are made comedic and weird and by adding symbolistic and exaggerated movements the subjects are given life. In this piece most of the pictures are made up, it is rarely the subjects are supposed to be a depiction of some person, rather the pictures are supposed to be a representation of the common ugliness. Text and images are combined resulting in the opening of multiple doors in the potential of storytelling. The caricature, with its exaggerated emotions and expression becomes an emotional yet playful story.