Ása Bryndís Gunnarsdóttir

The Cairn by the CliffThe ferry terminal is located on the man-made breakwater pathway that connects Súgandisey island to Stykkishólmur, namely on the intersection where these two distinct axes meet. The location is ideal because of its vicinity to the ferry stop, but is at the same time impressive to look at and enjoys a striking view over the harbour and Breiðafjörður bay. A concrete mass ascends from the level breakwater and stretches towards the steep cliff. It is broken up with a lighter, corten steel clad element but together they form an artificial sister rock, the cairn. The location’s contrasts are reflected in the building, which is simultaneously symbolic for other pairs found in the environment, such as artificial/natural and tourism/tradition. The building is a stopover rather than a final destination — a cairn along the journey with other travellers on the same road.