Arnar Birgisson
BA Fine Art 2017
arbirbis [at]


These works are bred from a place beyond consciousness. I work in a state of flow in which the mind moves around the surface of the image. The image becomes a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. Illusion / disillusion. Regardless of history, paintings are gazed at, conversed about and explored by viewers. But do the opinions of viewers carry any real significance or do they just distort the artists sensibil­ities? An artworks real value is found within the subconscious. The sub­conscious strips the artist of control and propels him into the unknown. Colors, forms, innocence and chaos. Global consciousness gives life. Painting is dead, can an idea ever be fresh, new or clean? Yes. Within a governed system such as our society, we believe that everything has a history. However, if ambiguity cannot be seen, how can we visualize it through art? An ideas meaning is dependent on its context, therefore it is always new and ready for interpretation.A painting does not require a canvas or a frame, an object’s aesthetic value is open for interpreta­tion. Colors create what they want, the rest is up to you. Each person experiences a work of art differently, however, no one can feel what I feel myself while making a work of art. The work now exists on its own and the power to assign meaning to it now lies with the viewer. Ambiguity has been visualized Tradition is dead, but the idea persists. A work spawned from my own mind could only have made by me. If caught by another, would the idea even have been turned into art? What is art? Art is an open se­cret; art is everything; life is art. Painting is my answer, and my art is yours to take.