Application Procedure

1. Student finds a host for the traineeship. (It is preferable that the host is decided at the time of the application, but not necessary).
2. Student aiming for a post-graduation traineeship fills out an application for the Erasmus+ grant through UGLA. Application deadline is 1 June, 2023.
Please note that students do not need to submit any supporting documents (last step in application).
Those who want to apply for a grant for a traineeship during studies should contact the international office.

Preparing the Traineeship

Student contacts prepares the traineeship and contacts international office to complete training agreement and grant agreement. Further instructions here.
One the host is decided it is very important that students prepare the traineeship in good time as making all agreements can take a while.
Students are expected to complete agreements no later than three weeks before departure.
Students cannot make agreements after the traineeship has started.
The finance department pays out grants every second week.

Useful Advice for Traineeships

Students are encouraged to inform themselves about IUA’s definitions and quality framework for traineeships.
Before starting the training agreement, it is important for the trainee and the host to have a dialogue about what kind of expectations the student has for the traineeship and what the host may expect of the student. It should also be made clear at this point what kind of tasks and responsibilities the trainee will have during the traineeship and how the work will be organized.
Students and hosts shall be honest and transparent in their communication with each other and IUA.
Students are encouraged to log the hours they work for their host, especially if the working hours are irregular.
If students or hosts need assistance because of conflicts during the traineeship, it is important that the student or host contact the international office.
Students should read thoroughly through all agreements they sign and make sure that they understand their contents.
Minimum period of stay for a traineeship grant is two months, and students can only receive a grant for the time period/s that they are present at the receiving institution.

After the traineeship

After the traineeship ends the student must make sure that the following is delivered:
1. Traineeship certificate signed by the host. The student asks the host to send this document to the international office. The document is available in the right side menu.
2. The student fills in the EU participant report (this is sent to the student automatically in the end of the training period to the e-mail stated in the grant application).
3. Complete the second OLS language test (if relevant).
After students have completed all the steps above, they may ask the international office for the final payment of the grant.


Insurance Statement

Traineeship Certificate

Contact for Traineeships

Björg Stefánsdóttir

Heba Eir Kjeld

exchange [at]