Application Information

IUA employs an electronic application form.
The application process is in two steps. First applicants fill out the application form, pay the application fee and submit the application. Secondly, applicants receive confirmation that  IAA has received the application. Please note: It is possible to save the application while working on it. 
It is necessary to include a passport photo with the application. 

The Application

An application is not valid until the applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee. Applicants must submit the following documents:        
1. Certified copy of degree certificate(s) and programme / course transcript(s) (PDF)
Applicants should submit a detailed record of previous education (final examination) from secondary education up to the present, including programmes of studies taken and grades achieved. This may be submitted in Icelandic or English. Attached to the application.
2. Record of previous education in music.

Admission Process

Applications are evaluated on the basis of general requirements
Evaluation exam in music theory: May 2024
Auditions (organ): May, 2024
Final results: Before end of June, 2024
The programme should consist of pieces which show diversity in technical skills and interpretation.
Total length:  20-30 minutes. 

Admission Requirements


General Requirements
Basic qualification for acceptance into the IUA is a secondary school exam (Icelandic: Stúdentspróf) or completion of an equivalent program. 
Applicants who do not meet these general requirements must demonstrate maturity and knowledge which can be evaluated as equivalent to the missing education. 
Specific Requirements
This study programme is a cooperative programme with the National Church’s Music School.  In addition to the entrance exam, the admission requirements for this programme are to have completed a church musicians examination.
All those who meet the general requirements attend to an evaluation exam in music theory, harmonic analysis and aural skills.
Language Requirements
The programme is conducted in Icelandic.




Opening of application: January 8th, 2024

Application deadline: April 12th, 2024

Admission results: May, 2024

Application fee: 5000 ISK


Application form



Peter Máté, peter [at]