Music in the classroom


Music and singing as an important factor for language stimulation in bilingual and multilingual students

This thesis explores the association between music and language processing, cognition, learning in general, and other human nature areas.
In recent years there has been a sharp increase of students with Icelandic as a second language in Iceland.
With reference to a growing number of studies reporting links between music and linguistic abilities, I purposefully tried out new ways to use music and songs with Icelandic lyrics with bilingual students as a language stimulator and enhance their vocabulary.
Parallel action-based research was performed where I systematically explored my role as a teacher and the process of teaching.
The primary purpose of this project was to enhance the use of the Icelandic language among my students.
Results indicate that music activities in the classroom can aid second language use and that music, songs in particular embody multiple opportunities to enhance language skills and vocabulary in bilingual students. 


Anna Margrét Óskarsdóttir
operanna [at]
Advisor: Kristín Valsdóttir
Department of Arts Education