Being outside and inside at same time
dissemination of Icelandic folk songs in special places

The subject of this master thesis is to examine, whether the mediation of Icelandic folk songs in interesting places, combined with storytelling and participation art, can enhance the cultural awerness of students and support teaching in social studies and even art. Whether the event, which is not a traditional lesson, can encourage interest and increase knowledge about the Icelandic cultural heritage and the conditions prevelent in iceland in earlier times. How does the oppertunity to listen to live music affect students, and how does it affect aesthetics, perception and artistic events, in regards to teaching and learning.
The study is a qualitative art research study, that utilizes the case study method and action research. The main subject of the study was a series of concerts, containing Icelandic folk songs, sung without accompaniment, mixed with storytelling and participation art. The series contained four concerts in the Reykjavík area, for students in the 6th grade and their teachers, in september 2019. Two of the concerts were performed in the yard of a house that previously housed „Álfurinn“ in Kópavogur and two of the concerts were in a clearing in Gálgahraun in Garðabær.
In Tjarnargígur


The data gathered was; questionnaires filled out by students and teachers about their experience of the event, sound and video recordings from the concerts, participation observations and journal entries from the researcher, with emphasis on the prelude to the concerts as well as their implementation.
The results of the study indicate that the students' experience was owerall positive and the events a success. Also that the storytelling and participation of the students increased the value of the concerts.
Student answers 


Anna Jónsdóttir is a freelance opera singer and voice artist.
She debuted in 2005 in Hafnarborg museum, with pianist Jonas Sen, and has since then been active, in the art scene in Iceland and abroad.
Anna has released two CDs, Móðurást, containing Icelandic songs about mother´s love, and VAR, containing Icelandic folk songs, performed a cappella, recorded in a fish tank in Djúpavík and in Akranes light house.
Following the VAR release, Anna traveled around Iceland in the concert series Uppi og niðri og þar í miðju, where she performed folk songs in special places, like caves, craters, lighthouses and similar.  In the summer 2019 she had another similar tour, where, in addition to the concerts, a documentary film was made with interaction of singing, folk songs, nature and environment.
In recent years, concerts and participation in projects abroad have been a growing part of Anna’s work. She has participated in international music collaboration under the auspices of Music Art Omi International in New York State, and at the SonicExchange music festival in Kassel, Germany. After this, she founded the collaboration project "Máninn líður", with two German musicians, performing Icelandic music in an experimental way.  They have performed the program in numerous concerts, most recently in Iceland in the summer of 2019, at the Folk Festival in Siglufjörður and in Sigurjón´s Museum.
Anna was in charge of the concert series Konsert með kaffinu in Hannesarholt. She is onehalf of Duo Mirabilis, with Sophie Schoonjan, harpist, they have givene numerous concerts in the recent years, as a duo and in collaboration with other artists.
Anna's choice of projects is varied, and ranges from ancient music and folk songs to premiere of new music, or anyhing that captures her heart.
In recent years, Anna has sought new ways of performing music, including improvisation, performing music in innovative places, and last but not least, finding ways to be a sustainable singer and meet new challenges.
At leisure, Anna likes to take photographs, read poetry, ride a bike and be out in nature.
Anna Jónsdóttir 
annamega [at] 
Instructor: Kristín Valsdóttir