Andri Þór Arason
Stúdíur: blóm, foss / Studies: flowers, waterfall
Teikningar á glærur, akrýl málning / Drawings on transparent sheets, acrylic paint
60 x 90 cm

Up to the year 2000, most cinema animations were made with transparent sheets (known as cels). On the top of the transparent sheets was the drawing, with acrylic paint on the back side. In the last few months I’ve felt an increasing need to dive deeply into something. A big chunk of my time has gone towards looking back and exploring this medium which is vanishing from animation.

The imagery of the works references animation techniques and terms. Especially a technique known as “smear”. In this method, animators will stretch out and even multiply images to convey a sense of speed. These drawings are easy too miss when you watch an animation, and yet their presence is extremely important to the whole.