I Need a Break

MDF, wood, styrofoam, paint, spackle  

If you prick yourself with a pin, you will see it black on white that you are red inside and the inevitable truth is that I am too.  

I collect little pin holes and with them release what is inside, change the invisible to the visible. Look at me and thus look at yourself. Because I am red on the inside, and I am red on the outside and every time I sit at a red light, I remember what lives within.  

In and out.  

Inside and outside.  

I take out the words and leave them within. The words are red because they are still in me. I sort the void so you see me and don't see me. When I prick a hole in me the truth and the blood leaks out. Truly a leaking truth. Still, I make sure to not make the hole too big, because then there is a danger that I will become empty. This scares people.  

How do you get people to see the beauty in the blood?