Almar Steinn Atlason
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I cry inside of me because Þorleifur does not live with his dad. Mommy, which is worse brainbreak or brainshake? Probably a brainbreak, then the brain breaks. When I die, you have to buy a huge jar to bury me in. Tomorrow, we need to dig the guinea pig up again. If god has forgotten to pick him up and he's still in the jar I'll keep him inside so he will feel good. You do not know why I'm crying. I'm crying because Kúddi is dead. I will also die. You will not die right away. You probably won’t die until you have become an old man with a beard. My dad has a beard. Mommy, drinking someone's blood and drowning someone is that not the same? Hildur María is starting in Kramhúsið. I'm not going to quit dancing class. I long for her as my heart beats. I will never forget her no matter what the earth revolves around about. Hildur María has quit the kindergarten. It's like I long for Alma Gréta. It's like I long for Alma Gréta, with only one heart but Hildur María with two. Do not tell Hildur this and her family. She will be sad. She does not want to be sad because she is such a happy girl. Gunnhildur on the other hand, she, she is a grumpy-demon. Do you see the dog? Do we eat dog meat? Why not? My favorite animals are poisonous snakes and poisonous vipers. Although I would like it best to have a small snake that is not poisonous. I cry inside of me because Gummi’s father died.

from a kindergarteners notes