Alfreð Óskarsson
BA Fine Art 2017
alfredoskarsson [at]


When everything is plugged into each other it creates a sense of unity. An exploration of sound and electromagnetic waves. Silent in the absence of a viewer, this piece relies on an audience to initiate sound and assign meaning to it. Modern day society begets isolation.

Contemporary culture focuses on the singular, the splendor of the few, brought about by the power of spectators, which overlook the diversity of each phenomena and their contrast. The heterogeneity of radio begets a sociopolitical context when juxtapositions views, cultures and social values mix.

The piece is a study of the fusions that occur between randomly generated collections of original sound recordings and radio improvisation when sporadically placed together. The product is autonomous; a completeness made possible through curation, code & society. Each time the piece is activated a unique part is generated so the experience is never exactly the same. The wall of repurposed speakers, eclectically differing in age and style, pay homage to the generations who laid the groundwork for this type of art.