Alexandre Fortin

In Egypt around 4000 years ago, humans started to cultivate plants and trees in pots. This new practice radically affected the condition of plants. Indeed, cultivated plants were made completely dependent on their owner by being isolated from the water cycle. Furthermore, it was then possible for plants and trees to change location.

Since the beginnings of this practice, an increasing number of plants and trees have travelled from one point to another, well tied to a camel's back or sailing on a ship across the Mediterranean Sea.

Nowadays, having plants at home has become very accessible and it would not be surprising if there was at least one plant in every home in Western countries. However, there is practically no data documenting indoor plants' mobility.

This project aims to display a plant collection and document their origins from as far as possible. The collected data is presented in a register readable by viewers.
After the show, the plants placed in a collective pot will be integrated in a school environment where students and staff can experiment and learn about them.