This piece is titled ‘Your best life anyway’, and is a reference to a message my friend sent me that read: “life being meaningless shouldn’t keep you from living your best life anyway”.

A concrete sculpture engraved with the words ‘ATTENTION FREE OF GRAVITY’ is positioned on the floor. The sculpture resembles a door­step and invites the viewer to step on it. This sculpture serves as a starting point for the rest of the work and acts as a guide for the viewer to follow. Because the work is centered around themes such as global and ecological anxiety, it is important that the viewer is firmly positioned in a frame of mind that encourages attention but discourages gravity.

From this starting point the viewer catches a glimpse of a video piece, titled ‘YOU KEEP THAT COOL EXTERIOR’, in which I trace these words into snow—as a sort of message from me to the earth. Although appropriated, the words were originally directed towards me. There­fore, I function as a prism—absorbing the words and projecting them back into the universe. From the starting point, the viewer can also see the next video piece, titled ‘ACCEPT CHANGE’, in which I franti­cally trace the words ‘ACCEPT CHANGE’ into sand at Grafarvogur beach. The act is noticeably panicked and rushed, however, I’m doing the best I can.

The work itself lies in the sentiments presented and connected by the individual pieces. By reading ‘ACCEPT CHANGE’ or ’KEEP THAT COOL EXTERIOR’ with the words ‘ATTENTION FREE OF GRAVITY’ in mind, the viewer is forced into a train of thought that might otherwise not form at all.