Ágústa Björnsdóttir


If I dive deep enough into myself I end up in a world that doesn’t really exist. That world I pull up into reality, where it transforms into thoughts and reflections on a paper. Then the paper ends up in a book of mine. That book is more often than not filled with sketches that I try to keep in moderation while I attempt to find answers to all of my biggest problems. Then, the book creates a world that is loaded with invisible words from tiny, expressionless creatures that look into the sky. The words surround them and eventually the whole world.

Let us prepare for a journey through many worlds that will finally lead us to the same place where we started. We can assume we will be traveling on a pink cloud that grabs it’s end so we will travel in circles. The worlds then repeat themselves over and over again, precisely, endlessly. By all means we must bear in minds to be careful of mundane thoughts because they can trick us. They can take us rather by surprise.