Agnes Ársælsdóttir

A complexity of species can be found in Klambratún, a public park. Some of the plants have been there for half a century, spreading their branches. Others are newer and still taking root. There are also those desiring to stay in the park, but are immediately uprooted. These grasses don’t give up and grow again next spring.

I offer a walk through Klambratún and introduce characters of plant species that I have gotten to know during my visits there. We will get to know each plant in their own respect  and maybe ourselves along the way.

In most of my work I seek communication with the audience about things in the everyday and search for a new way to look at them. The subjects vary but are all connected to empathy. I believe that one of the most important steps towards increasing empathy is being aware of your surroundings and listening to those who cross your path.