NOTE. The programme is currently under review and will commence again in Fall 2023. We will open for applications in Fall 2022.


Application Process

IUA employs a standard electronic application form.
The application process is in two steps, first submit the application and then pay the application fee. Please note: It is possible to save the application while working on it.
There are two application rounds. All students are encouraged to apply in the first round as availability of  study places cannot be guaranteed for those applying in the second round. 
Please note: Non-EU/EEA applicants need to apply in the first round in order to obtain a student residence permit before classes begin in August. Processing of a student residence permit takes 3 – 6 months.

The Application

An application is not valid until the applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee. Applicants must submit the following documents:
1. Certified copy of degree certificate(s) and programme / course transcript(s) (PDF)
Applicants should submit a detailed record of higher education up to the present, including programmes of study taken and grades achieved. This may be submitted in Icelandic or English.
2. References from two referees (PDF)
Applicants must submit references from two referees, at least one academic reference. Each reference should not exceed one page. The references may be submitted in Icelandic or English.
Applicants add two referees (names and emails) in the application form. When applicants have submitted the application, the referees will receive an email from the IAA asking them to submit a reference for the applicant.
Applicants will receive a confirmation when the referees have submitted the reference.
3. Statement (PDF)
Applicants for the MA Design must write a short explanation about their decision to apply for this specific programme, and this place, Iceland, and how they see the programme's emphasis tie in with their aims towards a future professional role as designers. The Statement should be written in English.
4. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Applicants must submit a CV of relevant education and professional experience, language proficiency and general information about the applicant. The CV should be written in English.
5. Portfolio of works (PDF/URL)
Applicants for the MA Design must gather prime examples of their work into a digital portfolio, which they submit with their formal application. This can include a PDF document or links to external websites, videos, audio, images etc. The submitted work should reflect the applicant's character, shed light on main interests, demonstrate skills and competences, and make it accessible to comprehensively read the applicant's ability for original creation and communication of ideas.

Admission Process

In assessing applications, applicants‘ work experience is taken into consideration along with submitted original material (portfolio).
Furthermore, interviews are conducted with applicants where attention is paid to how well the relevant individual is likely to absorb the teaching and the methodology of design.
A specially appointed admission committee assesses the applications on the grounds of assessment of submitted material and interviews. If the applicant is considered for acceptance the required documents will be discussed, in English, with the applicant in an interview following review by the application committee.

Admission Requirements

Applicants will have completed BA/BS Degree or equivalent and it is desirable that they have acquired work experience in a field related to the occupational sphere of designers.

Language Requirements

The MA Design is an international programme conducted in English.
Students must be proficient in spoken and written English in the academic context. If there is doubt concerning language skills, applicants may be required to submit evidence of English proficiency.



The programme is currently under review and will commence again in Fall 2023. We will open for applications in Fall 2022.


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