Student-centred Learning 
Emphasis is on democratic participation of students with regard to developing and shaping the studies. The aim is to increase student independence with regard to selecting methods and approaches, for instance with enhanced connections to the
professional field. Students’ different needs are met for instance with the development and introduction of validation of competence.

Student and Career Counselling
Students will receive increased support from a student counsellor with improved counselling, education, and development of resources. Career counselling for students who are starting out in the professional field will be enhanced.  

Cross-Disciplinary Studies
Collaboration between academic faculty and students will be increased across the IUA’s departments. Relations between teaching, art practice, and research across different disciplines will be enhanced. Emphasis is placed on further collaboration with other fields of studies. 

Development of Teaching Methods
The Iceland University of the Arts will continue to lead he development of teaching methods in the arts, and academic faculty will be offered further pedagogic support.  

Development of Study Programmes 
Department of Film will be launched. The framework for the masters’ studies will be enhanced across departments with an ideological synergy in mind. Preparations will be made for doctoral studies in the arts. 

Learning and Intercultural Competences
Learning and teaching aims to strengthen the relationship between local context and the international art and cultural world. Students will be provided with tools to enhance their abilities to tackle projects and challenges in an international and multi-cultural environment. Emphasis will be placed on increasing opportunities to participate in international projects.


Ensuring Necessary Funds 
Emphasis will be placed on acquiring better funding for research to reinforce infrastructure and generate new knowledge in the academic field of the arts. More support will be provided to prepare applications to official competition funds. 

Enhancing Research 
Support services for academic staff and faculty will be increased and the IUA’s internal competition funds will be augmented. A formal assessment system for research will be introduced to determine research ratio and sabbaticals. Infrastructure and organisation of research will be enhanced with regard to cross-disciplinary synergy. Added emphasis will be on participating in international research.   

Mediating Research Results 
Procedures will be ensured for publishing in accredited platforms and collaborations increased with regard to mediating and preserving artistic research. A research centre will be established.  

Integration of Research and Teaching
Teaching and learning community will increasingly be shaped by research and expertise of academic faculty. Workshops, tech labs, and studios will be improved as facilities for research and students will receive more research training. 

Bolstering Library and Information Services 
Appropriate preservation of research projects will be ensured, and a policy formed on open access to research results. Access to electronic source materials will be increased. A writing lab will be set up and preparations made for establishing a materials collection.  


Local and International Collaborations 
Relationships with collaborators will be enhanced and new collaborations established. Thus, the University can face new challenges and advance mutual mediation and generation of knowledge. 

Developing Art Education
Emphasis will be placed on the value of art education in society, i.e. through research and developmental projects in the field. The IUA is at the forefront of discussions on art education and encourages participation of all educational levels.

Access to the IUA’s Operations 
Emphasis is on improved access to the IUA and the absence of restrictions based on factors that distinguish people apart. Better insight will be provided into the IUA’s operations with open workshops and short courses that pander to different groups of society. 

Mediating the IUA’s Operations 
Student work, along with research and expertise, increasing the variety of mediation and presentation. 

The Open University of the Arts
The Open University of the Arts will develop further as a way of continuous education in consultation with professional artists and teachers. The number of courses for defined target groups will be increased.  


Under One Roof 
Development and strengthening of infrastructure take aim of integration of activities and are steps towards bringing the IUA together under one roof. 

Strengthening Financial Basis 
The goal is that the IUA will be fully funded, and that funding will be similar as practiced in comparable institutions in other Nordic Countries. A framework will be put in place regarding collaboration with benefactors, and preparations made to apply more tenaciously to competition funds.  

Working Environment and Development 
Emphasis is on an inspiring and wholesome work environment, good working morale, and environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Support will be increased and possibilities for work development formed, for instance with work in a diverse and international environment in mind.  

Equality as a Guiding Light
The IUA will endeavour to maintain diversity within the student body, staff and faculty. The facilities shall be accessible to all and equally supportive of the needs of all art disciplines. The Iceland University of the Arts will be a work place with equal pay certification. 

Enhancing Administrative Practices
Support for management will be enhanced with regard to operations and human resources. Work schedules will be a part of procedures of the Board, councils, committees, and departments. 

Quality in Higher Education 
A policy regarding quality and a quality enhancement system will be put in place with regard to international criteria and will be integrated with the democratic contribution of staff, faculty, and students.