Who the course is for: This course is taught in English. The course is suitable as a refresher course for artist with fine art education. Mandatory course in B.A. fine art.
This course will begin with the Fluxus movement in the early 1960s when film and video was used to document ‘happenings’. Later in the decade, with the introduction of portable video cameras, artists such as Vito Acconci, Dan Graham, Steina and Woody Vasulka, and Bruce Nauman would carry the medium into distinction.
We will explore different themes each week that look at the facets of video and experimental film, both the technological developments and their aesthetic impact, as well as how these are interrelated to wider socio-political spheres. We will look at how media theory in the 1970s impacted video and film and how the sophistication of video technology allowed more immersive environments and complex loops of narratives in the 1980s. Finally, we will look at how video has been impacted by the Internet. As a survey course, we will view work by a variety of influential artists in this medium.
Supervisor: Erin Warner Honeycutt.
Time and place: PLEASE OBSERVE- The course is taught in THE UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND, Thursdays 11.40 AM - 13.10 AM.
Time period: 11th January - end of term 2018.
Units: 4 ECTS.
Should students decide to take a course without ECTS the teacher does not provide feedback for the students work. Difference in the price of the course is therefore based on the teachers workload.
Courses taken without ECTS can be registered, without ECTS, on the students transcript of records.
Price: 49.000 kr. (without ETCS) / 61.200 kr. (with ETCS).
Preliminary requirement: Good command of English. Grammar school certification.
Further information: Sindri Leifsson, Project Manager- Fine Art Department: sindrileifsson [at] lhi.is