Gestagangur - Martina Muzi

Temporality Repetition & Search Bars
Martina Muzi is a designer, curator, and educator based in Rotterdam, will give a lecture on March 23rd in the design department at Iceland University of the Arts, Þverholt 11, Lecture hall A.
Her work engages critically with design through its complex material logistics, its geopolitical cultures, and its effects on social formations from the family to the market, from the atelier to the school.

Smart Textiles - from talking jumpers to intelligent instruments

Sophie Skach is a fashion designer turned researcher in the field of smart textiles, soft robotics, and social computing. While as a designer, she specialised in knitwear and menswear, her academic work focuses on exploring the potential of textiles in wearable technology. Usually based in London at Queen Mary University at the Centre for Advanced Robotics, she now resides in Iceland for a few months to work on smart textile interfaces at the Intelligent Instruments Lab.

Low-carbon illusion of cities

Dr Áróra Árnadóttir, adjunct in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at the University of Iceland and CEO of the Green Building Council Iceland will present an open lecture along with Dr Jukka Heinonen, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering department at the University of Iceland. The lecture will take place in the architectural and design department at the Iceland University of the Arts in lecture room A, Þverholti 11.