Composition & Improvisation is a critical analysis of musical form and its temporal applications. The goal is to compare/contrast planned and spontaneous music through discourse and discussion. Where does one find value and meaning in musical composition? Does planned music hold more meaning than spontaneous music? What are the major differences, if any? The class will feature talks via Zoom by major practitioners within the fields of composition, improvisation, and theory.

Learning outcome / Hæfniviðmið:  A greater understanding of the organization of music as well as it's social functions.

Teacher / Kennari: John McCowen
Department / Deild: Music 

Teaching period / Dags.: 19. July – 30. July  
Teaching hours / Tími: 13:30-15:30
Teaching days / Kennsludagar: Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays
Teaching language / Kennslutungumál: English 
Location / Staðsetning: Þverholt 11
Teaching method / Kennslufyrirkomulag: Lectures and discussions.
Level / Kennslustig: BA, MA
Credits / Einingar: 4 ECTS

Price: The course fee is 3.000 kr. and is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled
Further information: sumarnam [at], Karólína Stefánsdóttir and Björg Stefánsdóttir

Please note due to COVID-19, the course plan might change with short notice

Please note, if we do not reach minimum participation the course will be cancelled.



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