Andreas Brunner og Jonna Hägg opna sýningu í Kubbnum og verkefnarými í vinnustofum meistaranema í myndlist að Laugarnesvegi 91, föstudaginn 17. febrúar kl 16. Er þetta önnur opnun meistaranema í myndlist á vormisseri innan sýningaraðarinnar Kveikjuþræðir. Sýningin verður opin áfram í næstu viku dagana 20. febrúar. - 24. febrúar frá kl. 13:00 – 16:00.

Meistaranemar á fyrra ári í myndlist við Listaháskóla Íslands halda röð samsýninga á vorönn 2017. Sýningarnar eru af ólíkum toga en eiga það sammerkt að vera eins konar kveikjuþræðir og nánari útfærslur af hugmyndum og vinnuferli nemenda fram til þessa.

Jonna Hägg

With video as her medium, Jonna Hägg seeks to work through the issue of how a consensus around nature is established. How seemingly insignificant details can trigger feelings and questions that may be difficult to understand, such as perception, existence, presence and time. Her interest is in the culture in which we live and how we perceive our natural habitat; how its structures and logic has become more natural to the human than nature itself. In the moving images of a video, previously unknown, artificially created and close to invisible aspects are revealed, and further perceptions and new worlds are made visible. In her works, Jonna seeks to enter the essence of the constructions of nature, where reality becomes the motive of a mimetic abstraction, that sometimes transcend into the supernatural. Jonna Hägg is an exchange student from the Master of Fine Arts programme at Malmö Art Academy in Sweden. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy 2016. Jonna has exhibited her work in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. and now for the first time, in Iceland.

Andreas Brunner

In his artistic practice, Andreas Brunner sees himself as a creator as well as an arranger. He often makes use of the cultural collective memory, collective consciousness and philosophical concepts as tools to widen new spectrums in our present, inviting us to speculate on future views. The almost unbearable simultaneity of being, and the floating dynamic of our past that is always transformable in to the present, the future, and back are main topics in he’s works. Over the past years Andreas has developed a language that is not particularly bound to a certain artistic media but more like a consistently revised concept that can take on all kind of forms and shapes. With this in mind, his work has continuity in concept rather than appearance. Andreas graduated in 2015 with a BA in Fine Arts from the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts in Switzerland and is currently a first year MA student in Fine Arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

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