Profile and objectives of the study programme

The Masters Programme in Design creates a platform to deepen knowledge and enhance competence to undertake complex design projects focused the urgent contemporary issues. The programme emphasises the integration of ingenuity and aesthetics, technology, science, and ethics in creating tangible and intangible values.
Emphasis is placed on tackling unusual circumstances in light of the smallness of a society in a vast country of magnificent nature, with the aim of moulding solutions that may be of use to a bigger whole. The biggest challenge of contemporary design is to promote sustainable development.
Design always entails collaboration and consultation, and the Master’s programme in Design offers an opportunity for extensive collaboration across disciplines, in addition to creating a platform for students to develop methodologies and processes to implement ideas where the effects of design promote an increased quality of life.

Focus points:
  • Collaboration: Developing collaborative processes and integration of design, technology, and science in collaboration with the business community, universities, institutions and others.
  • Society: Effecting positive change on society by using the methodology of design to increase quality of life, efficiency, and create value.
  • Sustainability: Researching and developing sustainability by using the methodology of design and thereby promoting improved coexistence of humans and nature.
  • Research: Promoting increased knowledge creation and dialogue on design.

Students can only apply for a single semester’s exchange to this programme.

The application should consist of:
  • Electronic application
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Portfolio: print-outs or digital portfolio (pdf or link to a website). CDs are not accepted.
  • Short letter of motivation
  • C.V.

Applicants upload the required documents to the electronic application.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction in this programme is English.

Deadlines for incoming applications

April 15 for autumn semester.

October 15 for spring semester.

The application can be accessed two months prior to the deadline.