The Master Programme in Fine Art (launched in August 2012) offers a platform for students to deepen their knowledge and increase their skills in the field of the fine art, strengthen their personal vision and relate their artistic practice to the discipline’s theoretical criteria. Emphasis is placed on students' artistic practice and research involving a systematic construction of the conceptual context of their work through individual projects. Students are expected to develop good command of both academic and practical parameters of contemporary art in preparation for a career as independent artists in the field.

Whereas the BA Programme aims to introduce a variety of methods and means for students' artistic practice, the MA Programme seeks to deepen and strengthen students' prior understanding of their work and its context, allowing more flexibility and specialisation through an open structure of studies (i.e. interdisciplinary collaboration) with ample space for discussions and critique. MA students are expected to actively participate in curricular development by preparing and giving lectures on topics of their interest and specialization in MA seminar classes and through the development of research and/or collaborative projects.

The structure of the MA programme evolves around individual art practice, with theory courses in the mornings and studio time in the afternoons.

Students can only apply for a single semester’s exchange to this programme. Those who get accepted will be enrolled in the first year of the study and are expected to follow the curriculum.

The application should consist of:
  • Electronic application
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Portfolio: print-outs or digital portfolio (pdf or link to a website). CDs are not accepted.
  • Short letter of motivation
  • C.V.

Applicants upload the required documents to the electronic application.

Language of Instruction

The official language of instruction at the IUA is Icelandic. Incoming students must be prepared to meet this challenge. Most of the teachers, students and staff have a good command of English. The IUA receives a number of guest teachers from abroad every semester who will teach in English. Exams and final projects may be delivered in English. Exchange students are therefore expected to have a good level of English.

Deadlines for incoming applications

16  April for autumn semester.

15 October for spring semester.

The application can be accessed two months prior to the deadline.