During the first year of study the focus is on stimulating the students’ visual artistic expression and creative abilities. The emphasis is on introducing students to various art movements, art methods and techniques. Students attend courses in contemporary art theory and are taught subjects such as photography, computer skills, video-making, wood and metal work, moulding, painting, and printing in various workshop and studio courses.

In the second year, students choose from a wide variety of courses. The focus is on art practice and independent work. Students work under the guidance of the Department's professors and visiting tutors, artists and theorists. The emphasis in art theory is on specific subjects in art history and ideology.

During the third year, students work independently and complete their studies with a BA thesis and a project displayed at the BA graduation exhibition. Students are awarded a BA Degree upon completion of the coursework, examinations and other requirements of the programme.

Teaching hours of the Department of Fine Art are from 8:30–12:10 and 13:00–16:40 Monday through Friday.

Courses in the BA programme vary in length from two to fifteen weeks. Areas of emphasis are independent studio practice, lectures on art theory, technical workshop courses, and project work. Students spend the time from 13:00–16:40 or 18:00  in the studio practice courses, which are considered the place for the development of work and dialogue between the students and supervisors. From 8:30–12:10 students attend classes in art theory or workshops in methods and techniques, as well as doing work on their own in their studio spaces.

Students can only apply for a single semester’s exchange to this programme.

The application should consist of:
  • Electronic application
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Portfolio: print-outs or digital portfolio (pdf or link to a website). CDs are not accepted.
  • Short letter of motivation
  • C.V.

Applicants upload the required documents to the electronic application.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction at the IUA is Icelandic. Incoming students must be prepared to meet this challenge. Most of the teachers, students and staff have a good command of English.  The IUA receives a number of guest teachers from abroad every semester who teach in English. Exams and final projects can be delivered in English. Exchange students are therefore expected to have a good command of English.

Deadlines for incoming applications

16  April for autumn semester.

15 October for spring semester.

The application can be accessed two months prior to the deadline.