You have access to a large number of scholarly databases and journals

  • National access to scholarly databases, including ProQuest and EbscoHost, for anyone using an Icelandic IP address
  • IUA access to a number of specialized subscriptions, only through the school's IP addresses

To access the IUA specialized subscriptions off-campus, you need to set up a proxy: 

Directions for Firefox Mac

Directions for for Firefox PC

Directions for Safari Mac

These directions also apply if you use other browsers than the ones listed.

The IUA specialized subscriptions:


(Art Bibliographies Modern): Abstracts in the fields of 20th century visual art, design and photography. 


(Design and Applied Arts Index): A design index with special focus on the 20. century. 


(International Index to Performing Arts): A resource focused on theater arts, dance and film. 

IPA Source

IPA Transcriptions and Literal Translation of Songs and Arias. Contains more than 5000 transcriptions. 


An interdisciplinary database. Contains lots of information about music.