1. Sign up for exchange studies in Myschool.

In Myschool select Exchange Studies in the left menu. 

2. Apply for an Erasmus+ Grant.

Fill in the form, print it out, sign it, and hand it in to International Office.

3. Apply to the receiving institution.

Please note that deadlines application procedures vary between institutions. You will find details on each institution's website (see partner school list). N.B. Some institutions may have a single deadline for the entire academic year - this applies especially to music academies. We recommend that you make at least three application as incoming applications tend to outnumber available places.

4. Learning agreement.

Once you have received an offer of a study place you need to prepare a learning agreement (námssamningur vegna skiptináms) with the departmental coordinator of your department at the IAA.

5. Book an appointment with the International Office (helgasoffia@lhi.is).